Can my students share one headset?

Can my kids share one headset?

Yes, they can share a headset! Please note that If there is a second student in the lesson, they will need to share the same account on the headset. Only one account can be connected to the headset.

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    • Why does my headset need to be connected to Facebook?

      The Oculus headset requires a connection to a Facebook account.  Nothing is done on Facebook, but an account is needed for set-up.  Facebook terms state that to create an account you must be age 13+. If your child is younger, they will need to ...
    • When will I receive my Oculus Quest 2 headset?

      Shipping typically takes between 10-12 business days. Please note that there may be delays due to holiday season demand.  You will receive an email directly from UPS once your hardware is shipped.  If you purchased multiple hardware items, you will ...
    • Can I schedule more than one lesson at a time?

      Yes, you can schedule more than one lesson at a time by logging into your My Account. As you schedule, be sure to select "Submit" once finished to ensure your lessons are confirmed! 
    • Can two students sign up for one session?

      To ensure we're providing the best online learning experience, only one student can work with an instructor per session.  If you have multiple students, please select separate sessions for each. 
    • Can my child take more than one in-person camp course per week?

      Students can only enroll in one in-person course per week. Our courses are designed so that you can register for one or multiple weeks. Many students choose to sign up for multiple camp sessions to build on their skills and learn new subjects. It is ...