Can you accommodate students with special needs?

Can you accommodate students with intellectual disabilities?

We have had many students with intellectual disabilities attend our camps in the past, and they typically do well in our programs.

While our program is not specifically designed for students with intellectual disabilities, our instructors are trained to handle special circumstances to a limited extent. We have found that if students are able to function without an aide at school, they generally do very well at camp. If your student does require an aide at school, you must ensure that an aide accompanies your student to camp.

The aide must be over age 18 and may not be the parent, guardian, or an immediate family member. Any aide attending camp with a student must achieve a favorable result on a criminal background check.

We encourage you to call our Client Services Department with any questions at 1-888-709-8324, or email us at

iD alumni can begin registering as early as November 6. Registration opens to the general public on November 13.
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