Do promo codes, Refer-a-Friend codes, and other discounts work for Online Private Lessons?

Do promo codes, Refer-a-Friend codes, and other discounts work for Online Private Lessons?

Promo codes specified for Online Private Lessons can be applied at check-out once per child per year. Promo codes for other programs, such as in-person camps, and Refer-a-Friend discounts cannot be applied to Online Private Lessons. However, we are happy to offer that a friend or sibling join your child's Online Private Lesson at no extra cost!
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    • What is required for Online Private Lessons?

      Each child will need a Windows or Mac computer with audio and video capabilities. (We do not recommend Tablets or Chromebooks, as the multi-tasking ability between Zoom and other required software is often unreliable or nonexistent.) We also ...
    • How does my Online Private Lessons subscription work?

      A new package of lessons will be automatically added and charged to My Account once per month on the day of the initial purchase. Subscriptions purchased on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of a month will be charged on the 28th of the following months. Each ...
    • What are Online Private Lessons?

      Online Private Lessons promote fast advancement and increased confidence with technology. They are 60-minute tutoring sessions that offer scheduling flexibility and personalized instruction for your child. Our Tech Rockstar Instructors share their ...
    • I heard a sibling or friend can join my child’s Online Private Lesson(s) for free. How does it work?

      If you would like for a friend outside your household to join your child’s one-on-one, Online Private Lesson, simply forward your Zoom link and software installation instructions to their parent or guardian. If a sibling will join your child, it is ...
    • How do I purchase Online Private Lessons?

      Click here to purchase Online Private Lessons! From there, select a topic your child is interested in. Not sure where to start? Please give our Main Office a call at 1-888-709-8324 and a Program Specialist is happy to help!