Do you accept international students?

Do you accept international students?

We welcome international students! As long as your student is able to communicate using basic English (reading, speaking, and listening), they should do just fine at our programs. 

We do not require a Visa for students to attend any of our programs. Click here to learn more. 

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    • Can I register an international student?

      Yes, each year we welcome students from over 157 countries!  To qualify for our summer camps, students must have intermediate to advanced English (reading, speaking, and listening). For more information on our camp requirements, click here.  We ...
    • How are AcademyNEXT students chosen?

      AcademyNEXT students must be former students of iD Tech. Upon completion of a Skills Verification Survey, comprised of open-ended questions, students will be chosen based on their answers to the survey along with their prior iD Tech experience, past ...
    • Are parents allowed to join students?

      You’re welcome to sit next to your student during their sessions, however, this is not required. (Younger students may find your presence helpful.) 
    • Can you accommodate students with intellectual disabilities?

      We have had many students with intellectual disabilities attend our camps in the past, and they typically do well in our programs. While our program is not specifically designed for students with intellectual disabilities, our instructors are trained ...
    • How do you accommodate students with diabetes?

      Students that require injections (insulin, hormones, etc.) while at camp will need to self-administer the medication under observation of our staff. Our staff is not specifically trained to handle complications that may arise due to diabetes. All of ...