How do I change my custom lesson topic?

How do I change my lesson topic?

Your lesson topic can be changed when scheduling each lesson in My Account. However, the lesson topic cannot be changed if you have selected a package for a specific topic. If you wish to schedule a new topic, please contact Client Services at 1-888-709-8324 during office hours.

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    • How do I reschedule my lesson?

      Lessons can be rescheduled directly in My Account under the Online Private Lessons section of your Home tab. ​ To change your lesson, start by cancelling your previous lesson and then scheduling a new one using the open slot. Please note that any ...
    • What happens after I schedule a lesson?

      Immediately after scheduling a lesson, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a Zoom link for your child's session. Download instructions for your selected topic and important information are also included. You can also find the Zoom ...
    • How do I change the time zone that I am booking in?

      You can change the time zone at any time under the "Student Time Zone" of your Online Private Lessons in My Account. All of the times shown when scheduling a lesson will be in the selected time zone. You can also change the time zone while scheduling ...
    • How do I cancel a lesson?

      Lessons can be cancelled directly in My Account.  If you have multiple children enrolled, select their name from the drop-down list.  All scheduled lessons will appear, and each lesson will have a cancel option available.  To confirm the ...
    • Can my child change computers mid-week?

      As long as the new computer has the necessary software required and they copy over all of the necessary files per the instructor’s directions, they can change computers during the session.