How do I log into My Account?

How do I log into My Account?

You can use your primary email address, added at the time of registration, to log in to your My Account.  

For Gmail email users, you can click on the "Sign in with Google" button to use your Gmail email address and Gmail email password instead. 

If you can't remember your primary email or password, click "Forgot Password" and a reset code will be emailed to you. 

Click here to log into My Account.

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    • How can I use an account credit towards purchasing Online Private Lessons?

      Upon checkout, any credit in your iD Tech account will be automatically applied toward your Online Private Lessons purchase. Click here to purchase Online Private Lessons or to use your available credit.
    • What if I forgot my password or got locked out of My Account?

      You can use the “Forgot Password” feature found on the login page. Simply enter in your email address to generate a reset code. Find the rest code in your email and it can be entered in the pop-up as shown below: If you are experiencing an error, you ...
    • I already registered. Where do I find my program information?

      Please log into My Account and select your child's name on the homepage to find information specific to your program. 
    • Can I add lunch at a later time?

      If you're still deciding on the lunch option, you're welcome to add it at a later time. When you're ready to add it, log in to your My Account and select your student's name. We recommend making your decision at least three weeks before your camp ...
    • When will I get the Zoom link for class?

      Your Zoom link can be found in your My Account. It is published the Sunday prior to your session. Click here to log into My Account. In addition, you will be sent an email from If you haven’t received them, ...