What is required for Online Private Lessons?

What is required for Online Private Lessons?

Each child will need a Windows or Mac computer with audio and video capabilities. (We do not recommend Tablets or Chromebooks, as the multi-tasking ability between Zoom and other required software is often unreliable or nonexistent.)

We also recommend the following for the best experience:

      A relatively recent computer/processor from the past 5 years

      A solid-state hard drive and 16GB of RAM (8GB can work, but it can also run into some issues and occasionally be a little slow.)


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      Online Private Lessons promote fast advancement and increased confidence with technology. They are 60-minute tutoring sessions that offer scheduling flexibility and personalized instruction for your child. Our Tech Rockstar Instructors share their ...
    • How do I purchase Online Private Lessons?

      Click here to purchase Online Private Lessons! From there, select a topic your child is interested in. Not sure where to start? Please give our Main Office a call at 1-888-709-8324 and a Program Specialist is happy to help! 
    • Where can I see my Online Private Lessons balance?

      In My Account, scroll down to Online Private Lessons and click “Go now.”
    • How much is the subscription for Online Private Lessons?

      The pricing for our Online Private Lesson subscriptions are as follows: 1 Lesson: $75/$75 per month (Save 5%) 4 Lessons: $71/$284 per month (Save 11%) 8 Lessons: $68/$544 per month (Save 15%) 12 Lessons: $64/$768 per month (Save 21%) Subscriptions ...
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