Why does my child need this course?

Why does my child need this course?

A survey of U.S. youths revealed that 18% of respondents did not possess fundamental financial skills that are used in everyday life, like budgeting, comparison shopping, and reading invoices (youth.gov). This course will help your child build their knowledge by immersing them in real-world situations where they can put their insights and planning skills to the test. 

Space is limited! Enroll now at iDTech.com‚Äč

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    • What course do you recommend for my child?

      Our knowledgeable Academic Advisors would be happy to provide a personalized recommendation for your child! We're here to help find the perfect fit for the next step in their STEM journey. Please feel free to call us at 1-844-662-7258 or click here ...
    • Can I get the recording of my child’s Virtual Tech Camp course?

      To protect your child and their classmates’ privacy, we cannot share the videos of our Virtual Tech Camp course lessons.
    • Can my child take more than one in-person camp course per week?

      Students can only enroll in one in-person course per week. ​Our courses are designed so that you can register for one or multiple weeks. Many students choose to sign up for multiple camp sessions to build on their skills and learn new subjects. It is ...
    • Are parents allowed to join their child?

      You’re welcome to sit next to your child during their sessions, however, this is not required. (Younger students may find your presence helpful.) Of course, all family members are welcome to attend our Friday Wrap-up which is held the last 15 minutes ...
    • Why does my headset need to be connected to Facebook?

      The Oculus headset requires a connection to a Facebook account.  Nothing is done on Facebook, but an account is needed for set-up.  Facebook terms state that to create an account you must be age 13+. If your child is younger, they will need to ...