Can we split the sessions we purchased between multiple students?

Can we split the sessions we purchased between multiple kids?

Not at this time; however, we are working to provide the ability to do so.
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    • How long are sessions at the iD Teen Academies?

      The iD Teen Academy program runs in 2-week sessions. Students check in on the first Sunday at 6pm and checkout on the following Friday between 2pm and 3pm. They return to check in on the second Sunday at 6pm and checkout on the last Friday of camp ...
    • Can I book multiple lessons on the same day?

      Yes, if availability allows, you’re welcome to book multiple lessons in a day.  Please note that lessons must be scheduled at least 30 minutes apart.
    • Can my kids share one headset?

      Yes, they can share a headset! Please note that If there is a second student in the lesson, they will need to share the same account on the headset. Only one account can be connected to the headset.
    • I’ve purchased Online Private Lessons but I don’t see a time that works for me. What are my options?

      Due to high demand, we are actively onboarding additional iD Certified Instructors and will be adding more time slots each week. Please check back regularly for added availability, or contact us for further assistance.
    • When will I receive my Oculus Quest 2 headset?

      Shipping typically takes between 10-12 business days. Please note that there may be delays due to holiday season demand.  You will receive an email directly from UPS once your hardware is shipped.  If you purchased multiple hardware items, you will ...