What if I forgot my password or got locked out of My Account?

What if I forgot my password or got locked out of My Account?

You can use the “Forgot Password” feature found on the login page

Simply enter in your email address to generate a reset code. Find the rest code in your email and it can be entered in the pop-up as shown below:  

If you are experiencing an error, you can also contact our Client Services Department at 1-888-709-8324 to speak to a Program Specialist, or email us at info@iDTech.com.  
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    • How do I log into My Account?

      You can use your primary email address, added at the time of registration, to log in to your My Account. For Gmail email users, you can click on the "Sign in with Google" button to use your Gmail email address and Gmail email password instead. If you ...
    • How can I use an account credit towards purchasing Online Private Lessons?

      Upon checkout, any credit in your iD Tech account will be automatically applied toward your Online Private Lessons purchase. Click here to purchase Online Private Lessons or to use your available credit.
    • Where can I see my Online Private Lessons balance?

      In My Account, scroll down to Online Private Lessons and click “Go now.”
    • Why does my headset need to be connected to Facebook?

      The Oculus headset requires a connection to a Facebook account.  Nothing is done on Facebook, but an account is needed for set-up.  Facebook terms state that to create an account you must be age 13+. If your child is younger, they will need to ...
    • Can my kids share one headset?

      Yes, they can share a headset! Please note that If there is a second student in the lesson, they will need to share the same account on the headset. Only one account can be connected to the headset.